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Black Girls operates our of health clubs in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. Each event offers group training sessions at these various indoor (and other outdoor) locations throughout the area.

What is Black Girls Lift?

Black Girls Lift was founded in 2015 to help black women meet their health and fitness goals through strength training. Black Girl Lift organizes a wide array of fitness events; including group training sessions, boot camps, nutrition seminars, Lift 101, weight loss and fitness challenges. 

What makes Black Girls Lift unique?

Black Girls Lift has its own curriculum of workshops & work-outs that trainers use to teach and train members at these events. 

What does Black Girls Lift do?

Black Girls Lift hosts 2-hour group training sessions. Each consists of an informational workshop & a full work-out. We also teach, guide, and instruct our members on exercises (that use weights, of course!) to do at their own gym between events.


During the workshop speakers guide Black Girls Lift members through the mechanics of weight training.  Trainers distribute exercise cards and “study guides” which are reviewed during the workshop. Trainers may play games with members to help illustrate weight training concepts.  We cover topics such as proper technique/form, nutrition, and motivation.



The workout provides an opportunity for members to apply what they learned in the workshop.  Workouts are designed to target a specific muscle group each session.  Trainers can customize workouts for each session, using weights such as barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, weight machines, etc.  Proper technique/form is always demonstrated and emphasized during the workout portion. Members should feel comfortable enough to leave the events and be able to replicate the exercises with proper form on their own at their home or gym. 

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